Strategic Innovation

Generating new products, services and marketing implementations can be a lengthy and daunting process. Dialogue Resource offers Synectics-inspired programs that accelerate the development cycle, both for bringing new products to market and for evaluating and revitalizing current business strategies.

These programs are grounded in structured meetings that have the express objective of producing usable results. These sessions:

  • Are led by a trained Dialogue Resource facilitator whose task is to move the process along toward a clearly defined and agreed-on goal.
  • Foster creativity via exercises that encourage participants to view the subject in different ways, from different perspectives.
  • Treat all participants equally and all ideas as “fair game” so that the group works as a team to find relevant solutions and establish key action steps.


Our strategic innovation programs have been used by our clients successfully for a variety of business growth objectives:

  • Create new products in particular categories
  • Position products/services
  • Build market-focused growth strategies
  • Extend product/brand lines
  • Name new products
  • Develop advertising and promotional concepts
  • Provide direction for organizational development


In the sessions, company people (and appropriate outside parties such as ad agencies, package design, R&D consultants, consumers, etc.) experience a permissive and creative environment that promotes “out-of-the-box thinking”. For all programs, the facilitator provides “Easel Notes of the Proceedings” — essentially a transcript of the day’s activities. This document includes the facilitator’s synthesis and recommendations for next steps such as creating concept statements for qualitative testing.

Client Training Workshops

Companies seeking competitive advantage are looking for ways to become more innovative from within. In this effort, your people are your strongest asset and to be more innovative means to think and behave differently. Creativity is about looking at things from a unique or altered perspective and it is important to build an infrastructure to support and nurture an entrepreneurial process that puts innovation on the path to results.

Building your organization’s capacity to develop creative new ideas and strategies can be accomplished using our Synectics-inspired approach. Many clients are interested in institutionalizing the skill set that will enable staff to better lead and manage internal problem solving. While clients have often had experience with facilitation, there is agreement that everyone can benefit from training that refines the ability to lead idea generation, obtain actionable solutions and run better meetings.

Dialogue offers a one to two-day training seminar where participants acquire the leadership skills for both planning and managing ideation sessions. The approach – grounded in the Synectics philosophy – is both a body of knowledge about the process of innovation and a specific set of techniques for creative problem solving.

In this interactive workshop, participants learn how to:

  • Design innovation sessions that ensure successful outcomes
  • Stimulate creativity and new thinking that can be applied to research and business initiatives
  • Understand how listening, questions and personal interactions affect teamwork
  • Manage and leverage collaborative group dynamics that enable breakthrough work

Participants leave the workshop with the practical experience of leading an innovation development process that can be applied to key business opportunities. The workshop experience brings facilitation skills to a new level of expertise enhancing the organization’s competence in creative problem solving. Participants enrolled in the training receive a comprehensive set of tools in a Workshop Manual referencing key steps in the innovation process. The feedback that we have received indicates that these training seminars “really work”.