Online Qualitative

At Dialogue Resource we deploy customized online applications and techniques. We have approached online qualitative with the same listening skills and interpretive acumen that are central to our core qualitative practice. Much of our online work involves the same sorts of marketing issues (e.g., exploration, diagnosis, concept testing, positioning development, etc.) and methodology formats (e.g., focus groups, mini-groups, individual interviews) as our conventional in-person qualitative assignments.

Webcam Groups

We use webcam and streaming video technology to conduct online focus groups. These are real-time, face-to-face sessions that use multiple computer screen views enabling the interaction of up to 8 participants at one time.

During webcam sessions, pre-recruited participants in various locations see the moderator and each other in individual windows on their computer. The moderator and participants see and talk with each other, discuss habits and practices, react to concept/positioning/advertising stimuli, etc.  After the session is concluded, all audio/video is made available online for reviewing and transcripts are made available.

Clients observe real time from their own (home) computer, they can communicate privately online with each other and with the moderator. When appropriate, they can enter the virtual “group room” and interact with respondents as well.