Qualitative Research

Nino DeNicolaCentral to Dialogue Resource’s practice are listening skills – listening both to the client on one hand, and to the client’s channel and/or end-user customers on the other. This philosophy of ‘active listening’ provides the basis for relevant lines of inquiry and data collection that leads to actionable business strategies.

Rooted in the training and background of Nino DeNicola,  the firm’s founder and president, our approach goes beyond qualitative data gathering and reporting to serve as a market-based consulting resource to our clients. Methodologies include focus groups, mini-groups, in-depths, telephone interviews, and online research. Typically, we are involved in all project phases:

  • Defining business objectives
  • Recommending an appropriate research design
  • Developing data-gathering protocols
  • Moderating/interviewing
  • Analyzing/interpreting the data
  • Drawing conclusions, recommendations and actionable implications

Our qualitative research engagements have addressed the full range of business growth objectives:

  • Strengthening current products and services
  • Brand revitalization with a focus on customer acquisition/retention
  • Diversifying into other businesses
  • Developing new offerings including redefined product/service categories
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